Learn to improvise

Improvisation for everyone!

Were you taught just to read pieces of music?

Have you wondered what experiences of music you have missed out on?

Do you wish you could play by ear with confidence?

What, exactly, do jazz musicians experience as they improvise?

Can you hear music in your head but lack the confidence or skills to play this music?

This series of videos may be for you! It is designed for instrumentalists who may have had a traditional instrumental education in which the primary focus was on reading music. Reading music is an important skill to have but if it is the only focus, the student might never learn how natural it is to improvise and it can lead to a complete fear when there are no notes to read!

I start by explaining the importance of connecting your own voice to your instrument. The essence of improvisation, I believe, is learning how to nurture your own unique melodic voice and learning how to connect it seamlessly with your instrument. Once you have made this connection, you will start to find that your instrument also ‘speaks back to you’ and becomes an equal partner in your musical improvising.