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Soon after I arrived in Prague in 2014, I was lucky to meet the jazz guitarist, Libor Smoldas, at a solo gig he was doing in a bar off Wenceslas Square. Via facebook, he had invited any musician friends of his to stop by to sit in with him. We hadn’t yet met ‘in real life’ but I messaged him to ask if I could bring my saxophone along. He graciously invited me to come and to play perhaps one or two standards. We ended up playing most of the gig as a duo and had lots of fun.

I’d been wanting to do a recording of my own for a while and realised that Libor would be perfect collaborator. He called Tomas Baros (bass) and Vaclav Palka (drums) and we booked two days in Studio Svarov, a beautiful converted barn in a village outside Prague.

‘Off the Page’ is my first album as a leader and I’m really pleased with the end result!

Although the album isn’t (yet) available online, I’d really recommend you get the real, tangible, physical, artefact! The CD artwork was designed by Petr Dimitrov, my colleague at ISP, and he has done an incredible job, turning the case into something beautiful in its own right.

Once I’ve received payment, I’ll send you my album from Prague!